Insanely sane… Surviving qualmless.

Insanely sane… Surviving qualmless.
I'm not a perfect person, But I never meant to do those things; And so I have to say before I go, That I just want myself to know. I've found out a reason for me,; To change who I used to be A reason to start over new, and the reason is you. I've found a reason to show, A side of me you didn't know; A reason for all that I do, Before I let you go...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Why don’t people just don’t understand what I say? What I express, what I try to convey… why does everybody get me wrong…? Rarely have any ill-feeling towards anybody… still people think I am the one trying to harm them! Even the close ones don’t get what I try to express… it is becoming a constant problem with me… I just don’t understand where I go wrong!

She is not talking to me, my best friend… mumma is misunderstanding me… everything else will cause a long list, so am not delving into that. At the end of the day, I have got nothing but to wet my pillow with the tears stemming as a result of these misunderstandings. Is their any way out of this…

I feel shattered, even she C…! At least you know me, my mood-swings, my fluctuations… then why?

For ‘Him’ I have no words… it’s my fault I know.

Can’t find any way to make these people understand that they matter to me, and that I really can’t live without them.

Please ‘don’t misunderstand me’. It has been horrible enough, not any more please. Please come back to me before I break.


For all those mentioned, hope you get my message.

Please do read and comment on my efforts if you find this post popping up anywhere near you :P


Randeep said...

Dont worry yaar everything will be alright... u should try to understand what others feel too. Or may be its because lack of interaction.. Dot worry everyone will be back..


Soulreaver said...

look!! every xpresssion of us can be comprehended in 1000 ways, [at least i shud say], now among them, only one r u tryin to say but how come the others know that? usually our close ones catches it by the way we react.But sometimes they fail too. Don't worry! things will be on ur way very soon. It happens with everyone.~~~~~

Diya said...

Ya I too hope so :)